Lost Season 1-3


Well, I tried to write this post in English, hope my writing good enough for all of you to read and understand it. Lost is USA drama television series just like my other post Supernatural and Heroes. Lost told us about lives of the survivors after their plane crash into a mysterious island somewhere in south pacific. An episode usually contain a progress storyline in the island with a background story of certain characters before they got a plane crash. Now, in USA, lost has progress in fourth season and will end during 2009-2010 season. In 2007-2008 season, the final 48 episodes of Lost will be aired as three season with sixteen episodes each and will move on with its sixth season. Lost have gained around 16 million per episode during the first year and swept many awards.

Mainly there are around 10 main characters such as Jack Spehard, a spinal surgeon that hold the responsible as the survivor’s leader and had a terrible past. Kate, a fugitive that kill his own stepfather and on the run. James “Sawyer” Ford, a con man that had trick many people. Sayid jarah, a former Iraqi republican guard torturer. Claire Littleton, a pregnant woman from Australia. Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, a really fat man that have a bad luck regarding the lottery he had won. Jin-Soo Kwon and Sun-Hwa, a Korean husband and wife. Charlie Pace, a drug addict rockstar. John Locke, a disable man that miraculously can stand after the plane crash in the island. Michael Dawson and Waly Lloyd, a father and son that have trust issue. Well, there are many additional or minor character that add in the second and third season such as Mr. Eko,a Nigerian former criminal and now a priest, Ana Lucia, an ex police that have bad temprament, Libby, a psychologist and Desmond David Dume, a man that want to regain his honor back. Not including characters in “The Others” side such as Benjamin linus, Juliet Burke, Ethan, and many more.

From I watch until third season,this show give me a feeling of curious, intense and surprised a lot, a complex storyline with many characters that have a relation before and after the plane crash and many question came from my head every episode that not unsolved until now. The biggest mysteries in Lost mainly concern the nature of the island, the origins of the “monster”, the real purpose of the “others” the meaning of the numbers in the hatch, and the reasons for both the crash and the survival of some passengers.I will not give you the spoiler, because some that mysteries haven’t answered in third season and can’t wait to watch fourth season. I recommend you watch all the episode in one shot, if you don’t want to get the feeling of great curiousity.

trailer season 4


5 Responses to “Lost Season 1-3”

  1. 1 weibullgamma
    Februari 12, 2008 pukul 5:56 pm

    Film yang menyeramkan…..
    ini yang disuruh bunuh2an dan sutingnya di papua nugini yah??

  2. 2 Ai
    Februari 13, 2008 pukul 12:37 am

    heh,menyeramkan? kadang-kadang sih,justru sangat menegangkan karena banyak misteri-misteri yang bakal bikin lo penasaran parah..

    ga disuruh bunuh2 an juga, baru jatuh dari pesawat masa disuruh bunuh2 an, mereka harus survive di “island” nya itu.

    syutingnya di hawai kok..

  3. 3 weibullgamma
    Februari 14, 2008 pukul 8:51 am

    ku kira di papua nugini…trus yang disyuting2 gitu bukan?…..
    aku cuma ingat bagian yang suami istri ketemu…trus suaminya diiket, trus istrinya dibunuh…..(ini yang season berapa?)…karena yang ditonton cuma bagian itu…..he he he…

  4. 4 veea
    Februari 14, 2008 pukul 4:30 pm

    aiii… seri baru lagi yeeehh?? sama heroes bagusan mana ay??
    eheheheeeeee.. heroes season 4 dunk!! eh kok jadi duluan lo yang masukin video ke bloh ayy??ahahahaaa

  5. 5 Ai
    Februari 15, 2008 pukul 10:21 am

    er.. yg mana yak? gw juga lupa tuh..

    @ veaa
    ada keunggulan masing2, klo menurut gw dibanding heroes, Lost lebih menegangkan dan lebih bikin penasaran, ceritanya juga lebih kompleks dengan background masing-masing karakter yang beda-beda!!
    season 4?? season 3 aja blom.. gw gitu loh,,

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